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Review –

tvguideHaving tried several UK TV guides in the hope I can find something better than the awful grid system on the Sky+ box, I am most impressed by the app. TiotiTV has been my favourite up to now, but this one has finally come up with a decent way to display upcoming things on TV in a clear way.

Simply lists your channels, and show you three programmes for each channel; what’s on right now, plus the two following programmes. It gives you more details as well, but most of the time I just want this quick overview to scan down.

Good job.


Review – TonePad

tonepadTonePad is a free app for those musicians who sometimes like to just doodle about on a guitar or synth, not composing anything in particular, but making pleasant sounding music. You get a grid of dots, each one representing a note and the app goes from left to right, sounding out the ones that you’ve highlighted. It’s like a drum machine but with a pleasant sounding synth sound.

It’s fairly limited because you can’t change the synth or range of notes, but the ability to turn notes on and off on the fly gives you plenty of scope to make soothing tunes.

Perfect for doodling around late at night, or on a tranquil mountaintop. Apparently the pro version lets you save ringtones and share ‘songs’, but I don’t care about that personally. If it offered more instruments or perhaps let you layer different tracks, then I wouldn’t hesitate to slap down a pound or two.

Overall, a good little music app for making your own mellow melodies.

Review – Crazy Machines

crazymachinesCrazy machines is an addictive little game, akin to Fantastic Contraption, which gives you a load of objects and you have to work out how to link them up to achieve the goal.

Verdict: The first ten or so levels are painfully easy and you feel like you’re being spoon-fed with a teaspoon, but after the first chapter things start getting a bit more taxing and you really have to think about it. I found it very hard to put down and the puzzles were hard enough to give a smug feeling when completed. It’s not quite as elegant as Fantastic Contraption, Crayon Physics or World of Goo, but the large variety of objects you can use keeps it fun.