TwitSplit 1.0 released!

My new twitter app for the iPad is finally out. Download it on the appstore.

What’s different about this twitter app? 

I’ve been looking for a decent twitter reader since I started using twitter in 2006, but still haven’t found one that does what I want. So, instead of complaining about it on twitter constantly, I sat down to make one myself. This is tailored to the way I like to read twitter, but I’m sure there’s others out there that are looking for the same thing.

I’ve never liked the multi-tab way of viewing tweets, I want to see everything at once so the official twitter app doesn’t work for me. TweetDeck is almost the answer to my problems, with its multiple columns, but if you have a twitter list in a column, all those tweets also appear in the main column. I have a private twitter list called ‘pals’ into which I put the people I know in real life. Why? because the way twitter works means you get a constant deluge of tweets from everyone and quite often tweets from your actual friends will get washed away in the torrent so you miss them. On the whole, the people I know in real life are more likely to say things that matter to me, or rather I’m more likely to want to hear about their news/projects/dinner than the other few hundred people I follow. But using TweetDeck, I have to read my friends tweets twice, more often than not. Plus, in order to have my timeline, pals list, mentions etc all open at once, the screen on my mac would be full.

So I looked around for an app similar to Tweetdeck; one that would let me have a twitter list column, but remove those tweets from the main timeline. Couldn’t find one on the mac, iPad or iPhone. So TwitSplit is my answer to all that and I love it.

I hope you will too.

In short, it gives you two columns; one for your stream of normal tweets, the other for more interesting tweets. What appears in one doesn’t appear in the other. The stream comes in and the app splits it down the middle sorting them as they come. You can decide what gets put in the ‘Highlighted Tweets’ column by specifying a twitter list and/or adding keywords to look out for. Your mentions get pushed over into that list too, so all your friends’ tweets, your mentions, tweets that you wrote and tweets containing keywords on particular subjects all stack up in one column, while the other stuff goes by in the other. Refresh in the morning and your highlighted tweets won’t get pushed off the end by the other ones, so you never miss what your friends say.

There’s lots of other little features, including spoiler avoidance and family mode, so go over and check it out. There’s a help file in the app explaining everything you need to know.




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