Which Way Back? 2.1 released!

Just a couple of minor tweaks this time, but should prove useful to some:

1) Now the app will keep the device awake when the arrow compass screen is showing, so you can hold it in your hand for 20 miles if you wanted, without it going to the lock screen. Also ideal if you leave it on a dashboard, or on a bike mount. In the latter two cases bear in mind it gives you the ‘as-the-crow-flies’ heading, not which road you must take. Please also drive/ride carefully, the user takes full responsibility of their own safety when using this app.

When you go back to the list screen, put the app in the background or press the lock screen manually, the device turns off the ‘always awake’ mode.

2) When you manually input a decimal coordinate as your target, it will ask if you want to save it to your list, in the same way that choosing your target on a map will ask you.

If you don’t already have it, get it on the app store.


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