PodPlayer 1.2 released!

A few minor updates in this release:

– Bug fix: when device put in silent mode, the time chimes would get stuck in a loop when silent mode turned back on. Now fixed.

– ‘Library updated’ message removed (for iOS5 users). iOS5 fixes the crashing problem caused by syncing with the app open, so PodPlayer no longer needs to be restarted after sync.

– When sleep timer stops playback, it now also turns off Time Chimes, if necessary. If you didn’t have the ‘mute chimes when podcast not playing’ option turned on, it would keep announcing the time after you’d fallen asleep.

You may notice that the app About screen and Help screen still say “version 1.1”. This is because in my haste to release the bug fixes, I forgot to update those screens. Apologies for any confusion.

iOS5 users will also discover that when podcasts are downloaded from the iTunes app, the artwork isn’t missing anymore.


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