Which Way Back? 2.0 released!


The handy tool for getting your bearings, Which Way Back?, has been updated and rewritten from the ground up. See previous post for more screenshots.

Previously it was designed to save the location of your home, workplace and some other temporary places like your hotel, car, tent or a meeting place. But after using it for several months, it became apparent that storing many permanent locations would be useful. So now, every time you save a place, it is stored in a table and you can find your way back there any time in the future. Edit the name, delete it or refine the location on a map.

The Home and Work save slots still remain, because everyone has at least one or two permanent places they’d like to always be pointed back to, but the other save slots now take the form of template name buttons. When you save a place to the table, pressing one of these buttons will save you having to type in a name. Any place name that is already in the table will be overwritten, so these are effectively temporary places as before. These appear in green, whereas your custom places appear in light blue.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, it will keep your Home and Work places and put any other places in the table. You can go through and decide which ones to keep/edit/delete.

There are some other new additions too, go to the app page for more information. 




2 comments so far

  1. Big Pete on

    Hi cool stuff! I’ve just jused on my motorbike, works fine and provides a bit more “adventure” feeling than a turn by turn Navigator. However, there are two small things you could/should optimize:

    – the app should remain always in front, means no activation of the screensaver/home screen. For bikers there should be a switch in the settings.

    – it would be perfect, if destinations entered as coordinates could also be stored with a name.

    Regards Big Pete

    • mneapps on

      Thanks Big Pete, I’ll look into those two points and hopefully they’ll be in the next version. Haven’t tried the app on a motorbike myself – made it primarily for walking, so I’m glad to hear you can use it that way. It’s not going to be as useful as a satnav app in that case because you still have to choose the roads yourself, but if you just need assurance you’re heading in the right direction, it should work. Like you say, a more free and adventurous form of satnav 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback,

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