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PodPlayer tip: 2x speed

Several users have asked me how they can turn on double speed and half speed through PodPlayer. Unfortunately there is no way to implement this yet, as iOS doesn’t give developers the option to control that part of the built-in iPod player.

However, the good news is that because PodPlayer is controlling and playing podcasts through the iPod player app on the device, it means you can open the iPod app at any time, turn on 2x or 1/2x speed, then go back to PodPlayer and it will play at that speed until you turn it off again.

If a future version of iOS gives the option to turn that on and off from within another app, I will definitely implement it within PodPlayer itself.


PodPlayer 1.1 released!

After a few more weeks of use, along with some feedback from users, the new version of PodPlayer is now on the app store.

For more information on what’s new, see it on the iTunes Store.

Tip: To turn the new time-chimes feature on, make sure you go to the settings page to configure it, then toggle the clock icon on the Now Playing Screen.

PodPlayer 1.1 submitted

There is an update coming for PodPlayer with a few extra features, tweaks and¬†improvements. The free update should be available to download within the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, here’s some screenshots: