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Which Way Back? v1.1 released!

After using the app myself every day, I noticed a few things that bugged me, so I have released this minor update.

1) When editing the names of the buttons, the keyboard would obscure the textboxes, so I’ve rearranged the options screen so that doesn’t happen. I’ve moved other information to its own info page.

2) The accuracy of the arrow relies entirely on the the accuracy of the iPhone’s GPS at the time of saving and while finding your way back. Different factors might affect the GPS, which I can’t control, however I have added a couple of things to help:

a) When looking at the Save screen it will now tell you in real-time the accuracy of the GPS. This usually sits between 65m and 5m, so you can at least wait until you see the accuracy improve a bit before you save your location.

b) If you have internet available, you now have the option to go into settings and fine-tune the locations after the fact on a map. This is especially useful for your two ‘permanent’ locations at the top (eg Home and Work).

3) I have tweaked a couple of thing on the main compass arrow screen: the back button is now more subdued and the target location is now in green, leaving the distance information to stand out more, which has also been enlarged.

Download it now on the appstore.