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Which Way Back? v1.0 released!

WhichWayBack screenshot

If you have a bad sense of direction like myself, this app is for you. Even if you don’t, it’s still pretty handy.

The Google maps app is great for most things but if you just want to quickly glance at your phone to see if you’re heading the right way, you have to work out how the streets on the map relate to the street you’re on and also work out which direction you should be facing. If you press the compass icon twice on Google maps it rotates the map to reflect your heading, but if you want to zoom in, it resets back to North Up view again. Most annoying.

So this app doesn’t have a map, doesn’t need you zoom in, just gives you a big compass arrow pointing to to your destination. This means you have to decide which streets to go down, but most of the time you just want to know the direction and the distance. You can keep it in your hand and follow it all the way back, or glance at it, put it in your pocket, then glance again if you need help.

The idea is you press a button to save your position before you leave, then press another button later to make it point the way back to that spot. You can store up to eight locations, two permanent ones at the top (Home, Work, School etc) for when you just wanted to know which direction and how far away your home is from here – and six temporary ones, like Car, Bike, Hotel, Toilets. If you forgot to save the spot and think you can find it on a map, that is also provided.

Buy it for 59p/99c on the appstore