Movie Blocks 1.1 submitted!

A new update to Movie Blocks has been submitted to the app store and is awaiting approval by Apple. Should be available for free in about a week’s time from now.

MovieBlocks1.1 grab1

What’s new in the update:

  • EASY, NORMAL, HARD and SUPER-HARD modes. These adjust the targets you are expected to reach. You still get the same points regardless of the mode, but advancing to the next levels is harder or easier, depending on your choice.
  • Repetition of movies is reduced considerably. Once a movie appears in a round, it will not appear again for many rounds, ensuring you don’t see the same movies all the time.
  • Options panel giving in-game control over sound, as well as viewing the Help and About screens.
  • When the amount of locked blocks is equal to the target number, the round is over. Previously you had to manually choose random blocks to force the round to finish when you knew there was no way out.
  • Graphical tweaks

MovieBlocks1.1 grab2

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