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Movie Name Generator released!

Movie Name Generator, the free app for the iPhone/iPod Touch is now available on the app store.

Here’s a brief description:

Movie Name Generator screengrabGenerates movie names – some funny, some weird, some so good they could be real. Have you ever thought some Hollywood action movie names are so generic they seem to just pull a couple of words out of a hat? This app proves it’s possible!

Highly addictive – you will find yourself tapping the ‘Next’ button for hours if you’re not careful. With nearly 30,000 possible movie names possible, the entertainment lasts a very long time.

How does it work?
The comedy lies in the complete randomness of the name generation, none of these names have been created by human hand. Looking at a whole heap of existing movie names, you can see the formula is very often “Adjective/adverb + Noun”. So this app takes a big list of film-sounding adjectives/adverbs and another list of film-sounding nouns and grabs one of each at random.

No movie would be complete without actors, so each movie generated comes with two equally randomly generated movie stars. Plus you also get a randomly generated film production company to boot!

Want to make yourself smirk on the train? Want to get a giggle or guffaw from your mates down the pub? Then get downloading.